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Beating Shards

...fallen long ago...

Story of Porcelain
Hey those of you who know me, know my name. Those of you who don't know me, will know in good time. And alright so I got bored, and decided to post my screen name on here. I don't care anymore...well not too much...whatever lol o.O
I am here because I am here. I will say anything I please in this journal, if you feel offended. Then that is your problem. Don't like me . Then that is your problem. I would also like to stop hearing from Lana that men keep asking her about me. Does that mean I want her to stop telling me about it when it happens? Let me see, that's a huge NO. That means I want it to stop completely. Don't go to her to talk about me, that's idiotic, and shows you have little or no balls. You can talk to me you know, I won't bite your head off unless you say something stupid or rude. Thank you. Understand what I have said. And if you cannot, then do not talk to me, nor her. It'd be useless.
Also, in case you people care to see me or my work, here are the few sites I am on:
Myspace.com as www.myspace.com/nya99
DeviantArt.com as http://nya99.deviantart.com/

If you think that you see me on any other sites (or on myspace/deviantart with any other name), then it is not me. And please do be a dear and let me know about it, so that I can take care of it myself.

Now Friends Only and WARNING: Anti-Bam followers or Bam-flamers NOT ALLOWED! And anyone that is going to bash my likes, is NOT WELCOME either. Thank you very much Good night *bows*
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Jason: OMG, IF YOU GOT HIGH! you would be HI-C!!!!!
Jason: *at Denny's* She's gonna light the fire on water!

Hanz: Somethin ta drink? Somethin ta drink? Somethin ta drink
Hanz: Einz! Zwei! Vier!
Hanz: Glooshoodini!
Hanz: Two boosh don't make stoosh

Nana: Oh UH UH UH!
Nana: MOOSH!
Nana: You'd clooka lika tooker!
Nana: ...doesn't want to be a V...ahem...gin.
Nana: You LIKE it!
Nana: You're homoesexual.
Nana: I remember when I went to California and saw the ocean...wait...
Nana: Homie don't play dat.
Nana: *deep voice* FUCK YOUUUU!
Nana: ExMandalay Bay...wait...
Nana: The music is like RAH RAH RAH!
Nana: Iba beee chuu!
Nana: Oh my god this lotion looks like...*gasp!*
Nana: Back away from the toaster!
Nana: Zchubrelifuck am I supposed to know!...I call that my Don Vito.
Nana: *on the phone* ACHOO phhhft scrrrrffff *BEEP*
Nana: *spazing out shaking fists and squinting face* I don't got a damn dollar!!!

Nana: Cinnamon wrap...
Me: What??
Nana: I said sit on my lap.

Me: You've got some dirt on the back of your sweater.
Nana: Don't worry I'm gonna delete it later...*stops and stares*

Me: Man my knees hurt so bad.
Nana: Why don't you take your homophobic pills?

Nana: He's got his char..char...char........char...
Me: Character...?

Me: When the moon...
Nana: Hits your eye like a big pizza pie
Me: It doesn't look like a pizza pie, it looks more like a marble..
Nana: YOU'RE A MARBLE! Rolly Rolly!
Me: *laughs*...woooow...
Nana: Shut up!
Nana: *serious* That's not funny!
Me: *laughs harder*

Nana: *burp* Eh cue me.....DON'T EXCUSE ME!
Me: What??
Nana: Oh, oops...

Manda:...with the ants and plannables *stops and stares*
Nana: *singing to the tune of 'this is halloween' and kicking her legs* Ants and plannables, ants and plannables!
Me:*rolling and crying on the floor in laughter*

Dicamillo: Below my deck is a treasure filled with vibrating pleasures...Yah Har Har! Yikky Tikky Tikky Yikky Tikky!
Don Vito: One....Two....THREE!!
Don Vito: They copied off Disneyland!
Bam: You cock shmuckers never warned me!
Stewart: God gave you a patch of crazy where your Goo Goo should be!
Finnis Everglot: There is an eye in me soup.
Jimmy Pop: Marinate the nether rod, in the squish mitten.
Jimmy Pop: Oh come on those don't work... Can I kiss you?
Ville Valo: ...Cause at 50 when making love to your old lady, you want to be able to hear her breathe...not EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Winston(in The Ringer): When the Fuck did we get ice cream?!

Cheshire Cat: Oh, by the way, if you’d really like to know, he went that way.
Alice: Who did?
Cheshire Cat: The white rabbit.
Alice: He did?
Cheshire Cat: He did what?
Alice: Went that way?
Cheshire Cat: Who did?
Alice: The white rabbit!
Cheshire Cat: What rabbit?
Alice: But didn’t you just say…I meant…oh dear!
Cheshire Cat:…Can you stand on your head?

"...Bloody wrists of the suicide kings."
~Lana (love that line so much, that I wanted to put it in here.)

"Dyslexic devil worshippers sell their souls to santa"
(found it from a friend on myspace)

"In his eye, the world burst into flame
But by his claw, he destroyed it all."

Winter Iris
Jewels of a Labyrinthian world frozen, broken
Crystals unnoticed among the achromatic landscape
Longing not for captivation, but only escape
Desiring to be concealed among the porecelain drape
Struggling to keep their inner thoughts unspoken.

The 13th
Shall I take the silver beauty
Pointed fast towards my heart
And the wings that beat are flirting
With which the air they could not part
With the mirror cracked
That left no shards of glass
Only the dagger of tears
And in the maze
Like the petrified rat
Only running with dead fears

Shall I accept this stone beauty
Standing strong on its own ground
And the soil that moves is crying
For which another soul is found
With the bell attacked
That sounds no toll of tune
Only the screams of silence
And within the gates
Like the disengaged fool
Only living with masked violence

Love's Requiem
The heart of darkness is hope of finding you there,
and that hope will be our love's requiem.

Burning Bright
The more the light shines through me I pretend to close my eyes,
The more the dark consumes me I pretend I'm burning, Burning Bright.

Baby's First Coffin
Staking time into the gust of wind to the face.
Never returning, favors take the prison to the man.
I could promise the world if we could travel through time.
Don’t back out here. Now relax and remember the promise of the sign.
I wish you could see yourself now...you look at me like a child...
The way you glide across the room, it’s instrument of seduction.
Let go of it, Rapunzel. Let it down.
Aim for the signal then bring it down with a smile....now...
Become the conductor...
The way you slide across the room...how wonderful.
A connection and the last cut still bleeds as good as the first one does.
It’s just the opening scene of a new play.
I look at you like a child but not at all like you looked at me...
~Dillinger Escape Plan


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